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What Do The Regulators Require You To Have?

CDPH- Manufactured CannAbis Saftey Branch

Manufacturing Job Titles / Corresponding SOPS

  1. Director of Manufacturing-29 SOPS
  2. Director of Security-16 SOPS
  3. Maintenance Manager-7 SOPS
  4. Director of Operations-4 SOPS
  5. Human Resources Manager-1 SOPS
  6. Quality Assurance Director-13 SOPS
  7. Chief Financial Officer-1 SOPS
  8. Security Personnel-3 SOPS
  9. Director of HR-2 SOPS
  10. Chief Operations Officer-1 SOPS
  11. Product Processor-1 SOPS
  12. Transportation Manager-1 SOPS

           88 total SOPS

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BCC- Bureau of Cannabis Control

Distribution Job Titles / Corresponding SOPS

1. Director of Security – 25 SOPS
2. Security Manager - 6 SOPS
4. Transportation Manager – 2 SOPS
5. Director of Technology – 2 SOPS
6. Human Resources Manager – 5 SOPS
7. Distribution Manager – 4 SOPS
8. Director of Distribution - 4 SOPS
9. Inventory Manager – 5 SOPS
10. Quality Assurance Director – 8 SOPS
11. Inventory Coordinator – 1 SOPS
12. Distribution Operations Manager – 2 SOPS
13. General Manager – 5 SOPS
14. Cannabis Transportation Team Member – 2 SOPS
15. Maintenance Manager – 7 SOPS
16. Security Personnel - 7 SOPS
17. Distribution Employee/Personnel – 4 SOPS

91 Total SOPS

*Packaging and Labeling SOPS/ Checklist

28 Total SOPS/ Checklists

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Retail Dispensary Job Titles / Corresponding SOPS

1. Retail Manager -23 SOPS

2. Inventory Coordinator-10 SOPS

3. Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer-1 SOPS

4. Retail Operations Manager- 11 SOPS

5. Director of Retail-1 SOP

6. All Retail & Delivery Employees-1 SOP

7. All Employees-1 SOPS

8. Director Of Security-26 SOPS

9. Security Personnel-11 SOPS

10. Delivery Employees-3 SOPS

11. Retail Employees-10 SOPS

12. Director Of Technology-3 SOPS

13. Training & Development Manager-2 SOPS

14. Human Resources Manager-3 SOPS

15. Quality Assurance Manager-3 SOPS

16. Lead Auditor-1 SOPS

17. General Manager-5 SOPS SOPS

18. Maintenance Manager-3 SOPS


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Cultivation Job Titles / Corresponding SOPS

1. Cultivation Manager -18 SOPS

2. Director Of Cultivation - 4 SOPS

3. General Manager - 7 SOPS

4. Cultivation Technician - 5 SOPS

5. Maintenance Manager - 3 SOPS

6. Quality Assurance Manager – 3 SOPS

7. Misc – 2- (Owner/Everyone) SOPS

42 Total SOPS

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ALl SOPS For Vertically Integrated Operations

339 Total SOPS

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"SOPS" An Education On What You Need To Know


So what exactly is a "Standard Operating Procedure" or commonly referred to as a "SOP"

CannaWyz gives a definition of a “SOP” in Layman’s terms. Disclaimer: This is not a true legal interpretation, but more of a down to earth definition that is easy to digest for newcomers to the highly regulated Cannabis industry.

A “SOP” is typically used by highly regulated businesses. “SOPS” in general are a detailed and streamlined series of step-by-step instructions that are compiled by the license holder or business to help workers operate with complex and also routine operating procedures. “SOPS” are there to try and get the license holder to have a cookie cutter set of instructions on how to handle everything. The detailed quality that comes from this effort to do things in a detailed step by step fashion, and streamlining of procedures, helps to reduce any possible miscommunications. This helps to minimize the possible outcome of not being in compliance with the stringent industry regulations that are laid out by the regulators at a state and local level.


In the case of Cannabis Businesses in the Manufacturing Business, the “California Department of Public Health” aka the "CDPH" or specifically the “Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch”,requests that license holders have compliant “SOPS” that are reflective of the guidelines that the “CDPH” puts out. The “California Code of Regulations” (“CCRS”)and the “California Business and Professions Codes” (“CBPCS”) also outline “SOPS” that must be in place.


With regards to Cannabis Businesses in the Retail Storefront, Non-Storefront, Delivery, or Distribution Businesses, The “Bureau of Cannabis Control” or "BCC" requests that license holders have compliant “SOPS” that are reflective of the guidelines that the “BCC” puts out. 

Cal Cannabis

Those that are in the Cultivation Business, The “California Department of Food and Agriculture” or the "CDFA" or in cannabis also known as “Cal Cannabis”, requests that license holders have compliant “SOPS” that are reflective of the guidelines that “Cal Cannabis”, puts out. 

Different Level of SOPS required in Different Phases of licensing

Temporary Licenses (Little SOPS requested at time of submission)

When applying for a temporary license, the “SOPS” are very minimal that are requested to be provided. 

Provisional License ( 20% of required "SOPS" requested at time of submission)

When you then apply for the "Provisional License" the “SOPS” requested by the CDPH, BCC, or Cal Cannabis get to be about 20% of what they are requiring you to have on file, which are not technically requested to be provided at time of submission. Most clients end up with about 20-30 pages of “SOPS” that are written out for the “Provisional licenses”. 

However, do not be fooled, you are still required to have many more “SOPS” on file! The number of “SOPS” for “CDPH” for Manufacturing start at around 200 pages of required “SOPS” based on State guidelines alone. In comparison, the “BCC” and “Cal Cannabis”are in the several hundreds of pages. Based on your local jurisdiction, there may be many more that are required. 

CannaWyz works with Clients to get them a starting point for their “SOPS” that must be turned in during the “Provisional License” process. We then work on the Full set of “SOPS” that are required by providing a full “SOPS Booklet”. 

Phase 1 “SOPS” 

Licensing Application “SOPS” are “Phase 1” (“Provisional” or “Annual license” “SOPS”) 

The first work we do is a starting point for “Phase 1” for the “Provisional License” or “Annual License”. Then we refer clients to our preferred network of local attorneys who also work with us and the client for the “Custom SOPS” creation. Most of what we do is based on very well written templates written by our affiliate attorneys. From there, things get to the “Customized SOPS” level and “Phase 2” begins. These are required and very helpful to operate with moving forward during the lifetime of your business.

Phase 2 “SOPS”

Operating “SOPS” or “Phase 2” equates to a full-blown booklet of hundreds of pages of “SOPS”.

After we get through licensing application “SOPS”, we then work on the hundreds of pages of “Required SOPS”. We can do this over a period of a few weeks. The end result is a complete set of “SOPS” for each Employee, Manager and Owner to rely on for each location. This is great for high employee turnover. Showing investors or regulators that you are following the rules in key to the success of your businesses. Having an employee detailed “SOPS Booklet” allows the business to keep things moving with new hires. The “SOP Booklet” shows them how to do their job effectively and efficiently from day one. 

CannaWyz is not a law firm and does not give legal advice

We do however have the basic templates on hand to get started with, and then refer the legal advice or “Custom SOPS” portion to legal counsel for legal approval. This is the point where having a good cannabis legal team on standby comes in real handy. We can refer you to one of our attorneys in our preferred network or work directly with your existing attorney to review all of the work we have done, and the custom work that you have done to add into the mix of what we started with. 

Please fill out the form below to get started with a free consult to go over your SOPS or licensing needs. We have 24-48 turn times for “Phase 1” or “Licensing SOPS”. The “Phase 2” SOPS take a week to a few weeks. We are offering 20% discounts currently for Phase 1 SOPS.

We look forward to working with you. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust.