Operations Management


  “SOP Operations Tool” Management

Operations Management Service, holding each dept accountable to their assigned operations management tasks.  

Manager level Operations Support

Working hand in hand with manager level personnel to develop streamlined business operations processes and procedures.

CannaWyz Operations Management

A comprehensive strategy providing CannaWyz specific permissions to engage with business personnel to optimize processes and procedures.



  Audit Inspection on Site

 Audit shows areas of non-compliance.

Comprehensive report

Gives details on problem areas within your business that refers to detailed state regs. 

"Practice Audit" Assignments

Test Audits for each department. (Frequency adjustable)

On-Site “Shadow Shopper” Posing as a “customer/client” in real time to determine areas of non-compliance. 



  Action Planning

Develops specific instructions to employees to correct for next audit.


Practice/Full Audit

Training employee how to conduct departmental audit reports.

Weekly SOP Operations Management 

Training and implementation of SOP Operations tool.

Group Seminars

Workshops tailored specific to license types and departments within an organization.

Real "How to" SOPS


Create Detailed 

 “SOP Operations Tool”

Supply of Basic SOP OPs for each dept to utilize. 

Input Current SOP into 

“SOP Operations Tool”

Utilize current SOPS and input into “SOP tool”. 

Current SOPs Amended for “SOP Operations Tool”

Utilize current SOP and create a detailed “SOP Operations Management Tool”.

Detailed Reporting


  “Audit” Based Reports Summaries on departments, based on detailed findings reports.

“SOP Operations Management Tool”

Summaries on processes and procedures completion.

Manager Level

 “Overall Summary”

Detailed findings and performance reports summarized with recommendations.

Training Adherence

 Summaries and reports on employees training including ability to complete tasks.

Customer Role Playing Reports Business Operations and Employee Findings while interacting with the business.

3rd Party Services


HR/Payroll Support

Ensuring HR and Payroll are optimized to the business best use.

Insurance Support

Examining current insurance policy for possible missing coverages and over-coverage areas.

Annual Insurance Audit 

Maintaining records, and organizing data as required for annual insurance Audit. (Required month 15 each proceeding year of policy)

CPA Services Support

Working with current (or referral based CPA) to ensure all data is properly recorded and made available.

Legal Services Support

Acting as a proxy between Business and Legal counsel to be as efficient as possible, to help reduce costs, while requesting updates and amendments with legal counsel.