Operations Management


  •   “SOP Operations Tool” Management

Operations Management Service, holding each dept accountable to their assigned operations management tasks.  

  • Manager level Operations Support

Working hand in hand with manager level personnel to develop streamlined business operations processes and procedures.

  • CannaWyz Operations Management

A comprehensive strategy providing CannaWyz specific permissions to engage with business personnel to optimize processes and procedures.



  •   Audit Inspection on Site

 Audit shows areas of non-compliance.

  • Comprehensive report

Gives details on problem areas within your business that refers to detailed state regs. 

  • "Practice Audit" Assignments

Test Audits for each department. (Frequency adjustable)

  • On-site “Shadow Shopper” Posing as a “customer/client” in real time to determine areas of non-compliance. 



  •   Action Planning

Develops specific instructions to employees to correct for next audit.


  • Practice/Full Audit

Training employee how to conduct departmental audit reports.

  • Weekly SOP Operations Management 

Training and implementation of SOP Operations tool.

  • Group Seminars

Workshops tailored specific to license types and departments within an organization.

Real "How to" SOPS


  • Create Detailed 

 “SOP Operations Tool”

Supply of Basic SOP OPs for each dept to utilize. 

  • Input Current SOP into 

“SOP Operations Tool”

Utilize current SOPS and input into “SOP tool”. 

  • Current SOPs amended for “SOP Operations Tool”

Utilize current SOP and create a detailed “SOP Operations Management Tool”.

Detailed Reporting


  •   “Audit” based reports Summaries on departments, based on detailed findings reports.

  • “SOP Operations Management Tool”

Summaries on processes and procedures completion.

  • Manager level

 “Overall Summary”

Detailed findings and performance reports summarized with recommendations.

  • Training Adherence

 Summaries and reports on employees training including ability to complete tasks.

  • Customer Role Playing Reports Business Operations and Employee Findings while interacting with the business.

3rd Party Services Attaché


  • HR/Payroll Support

Ensuring HR and Payroll are optimized to the business best use.

  • Insurance Support

Examining current insurance policy for possible missing coverages and over-coverage areas.

  • Annual Insurance Audit 

Maintaining records, and organizing data as required for annual insurance Audit. (Required month 15 each proceeding year of policy)

  • CPA Services Support

Working with current (or referral based CPA) to ensure all data is properly recorded and made available.

  • Legal Services Support

Acting as a proxy between Business and Legal counsel to be as efficient as possible, to help reduce costs, while requesting updates and amendments with legal counsel.