CannaWyz is an education and training company. Specializing on the digestible way to understand the regulations. As well as knowing how to follow them.

Cannaway does NOT PROVIDE LEGAL SERVICES. Although we may have an attorney as a partner with Class A voting rights, we do not purport to provide legal advice. 

We partner with law firms who specialize in Cannabis. They review our work, and we do some Outsourcing work for them as well.

We have a vast network of attorneys who can add tremendous value if you should require any legal advice. We however can not provide legal advice. Any work product CannaWyz provides is NOT legally approved. It will have been reviewed by our attorneys, but that does not mean that your attorneys have agreed to approve it. Therefore it is not legally approved, and is not legal advice. Also Cannawyz is not a lawfirm. Only consulting on education and training. 

Cannawyz may be perfrming risk mitiagtin services for other service providers such as banks or insurance companies who are not in a conflict of interest with our existing clients. 

Cannawyz keeps all customer information confidential. If CannaWyz discovers criminal activity due to knowingly breaking  laws resulting in criminal activity, Cannawyz will immediately cancel the agreement. 

Cannawyz is here to help you understand how to operate as compliantly as possible. While not ever giving any legal advice.